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Jiang Nan Dong Feng special-purpose special automobile limited company lies in the
hometown of Yan emperor,the township of the classical music of ancient Chinese chain
bell of eight major miracles of the world, the special-purpose vehicle of Dong Feng refits the
base ---Suizhou,Hubei.
The company set up and established with the approval of responsible department of
the government in 1998, is under the jurisdiction of the enterprises under the Dong Feng
company, registered capital is 20,580,000 RMB. There are 783 ...
�� ����0722-3330488
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Quality Policy��
Provide excellent service; Make satisfactory products; create domestic famous brand.Quality Target��
Implement GB/T9001-2000 standard, and maintain a sustained improvement in quality management systems.
The vehicle one-off pass reference �� 92% ; Increase more than 1% every year within three years.

Enterprise Spirit: Pioneering and pragmatic; Innovation and unity, cooperation; hard-working to fight for class-one enterprise
Enterprise Target: To be outstanding enterprises, to create famous brand, to earn the most benefits.
Enterprise Style: Be honest to our customer, be trust to our staff, be responsible to society, be loyal to the company, be dedicated to the cause, be strict to the job.
Water tank truck/ Firefighting water truck
Fecal sucking vehicle/ Sewage sucking vehicle
Dongfeng Dolika cleaning truck
Aerial working truck
Tractor truck
Fecal sucking vehicle/ Sewage sucking vehicle
Water tank truck/ Firefighting water truck
Garbage truck
Road-sweeping truck
Dumper truck
Wrecker truck
Dongfeng 153 water tank fire-fighting truck
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